Webmin Docker Module

All installed PHP modules configuration files are available under /etc/php/PHP_VERSION/mods-available directory. You can see the number of files with extension .ini. You must have installed php specific php modules, you need to enable it before further proceed. The php-common package provides followings commands to manage PHP modules.

Webmin Docker Module Example

  • phpenmod – Used to enable modules in PHP
  • phpdismod – Used to disable modules in PHP
  • phpquery – Used to view status of modules of PHP
  • With docker.io (20.10.2), Ubuntu 20.04 and docker swarm my overlay networks did not appear stable. Portainer complained intermittently that it could not contact an agent, or could not get service information, and so on. Moving to docker-ce (20.10.7) appears to have resolved this.
  • Method 1: Add Webmin Ubuntu repository. Open the /etc/apt/sources.list file to manually add the repository link to the list. In order to open the sources.list file, run the following command as root in your Terminal: $ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list. This will open the file in the Nano editor.

Webmin Docker Module Windows 10

There are 3 types of SAPI (Server API) available – CLI, FPM, Apache2 being the most commonly used. You can define SAPI using -s switch to enable/disable module for that only.

Enable PHP Modules

Remove the stopped container. Docker rm -v bind. Start the updated image. Docker run -name bind -d OPTIONS sameersbn/bind:9.9.5-20170129. Open the web browser to and login to webmin as user root and password SecretPassword. This will give you the possibility to configure your DNS server using the Webmin UI. AApanel is a free and open-source alternative to Webmin that can be installed on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 or earlier version including RPM-based such as CentOS. It allows the easy management of web services such as Apache/ Nginx, PHP, Database, Docker, FTP, Python, manages accounts on a web server, and more.


Use phpenmod command followed by module name to enable specific PHP module on your system. In below example, the first command is an example and the second command will enable mbstring module for all installed PHP versions and all SAPI.

You can also define the PHP version using -v switch to enable specific modules. Using this you will enable module for all SAPI.

Use -s switch to define the SAPI to enable specific modules for specific SAPI for all PHP versions.

You can also define both the PHP version and SAPI for the more specific update.

Disable PHP Modules

You can also disable any un-necessary PHP modules from your system using phpdismod command. For example, disable mbstring module for ALL PHP versions and all SAPI.

Webmin Docker Module

To disable any module for specific PHP version use command like below.

To disable any module for specific SAPI on all PHP versions, use command like below.

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