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As the title states. This solution is without the use of docker. It is just a straight forward installation of Nextcloud 18.0.3 on OMV 5 using Nginx (php-fpm) with PHP 7.3 that is already installed and MariaDB as our database server. In order to work on port 80 or port 443, we will have to change the OMV web ports to 8080 and 8443. You can achieve this via “General settings” on the OMV web interface. This guide asumes that Nextcloud will user ports TCP/80 and TCP/443. Everything that is marked RED, needs your attention.

Let’s start with some packages.

How to: Install docker on OpenMediaVault 5 (OMV5) easily & How to: Configure docker (Docker Storage) to use specific location to store files/container/images other than default location easily. The above guide explains how to install Docker on OMV 5, since we will use portainer here to manage docker for easier docker management. Im running OMV 5 on an Atomicpi, with an external 4TB HDD mounted on the usb port. OMV serves as my media, file server along with a handful of docker services. I access the drive using SAMBA from my Linux and Windows machines.

Download nextcloud and place it on folder /var/www

Now, we have to create a new pool on the fpm, in order to adjust php settings for nextcloud and not mess up the OMV web part.

To improve performance we have to enable opcache and use redis


Install redis and make changes to config.php.

Set up our database.

Then we have to create a server block from Nginx. This block has SSL enabled so prior to that, you should have SSL certificates created. I point out in bold where changes must be made and also where the SSL certificates should be declared.

Let’s enable the above block.

Omv 5 DockerOmv 5 Docker

For the Nextcloud storage location, I used a folder on my RAID storage. The installation of Nextcloud, asks for data storage path. By default, it places data files inside /var/www/nextcloud. You can skip this step, if you don’t want to change the default storage path.

Restart some services

Create cron backgroud job

Add the following line

Begin the installation on https://yourserveripaddress

Omv 5 Docker Game

On Administration > Basic settings, set background jobs to cron.

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