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Brain mapping software also known as mind mapping software is used to create the relationships between various concepts, ideas as well as other types of information. According to scientists the use of brain mapping techniques can improve learning as well as studying capability by 15%. The task requires use of software to automate the process. You can use brain mapping software, free download to assess the utility of the tool. Learning about 6+ best mapping software download would enable you reach an informed decision.


Download MindNode (free) Filename: MindNode (free) Latest Release: Size: 36.56 MB Type of compression: zip Total downloads: 7820 Author: lambrecboo File checked: Kaspersky Download speed: 7 Mb/s Time: 2.04.2012 Author: esestu MindNode (free) MindNode, free download. Mindnode Free free download - MindNode Lite, TubeMate 3, System Mechanic Free, and many more programs.

  • MindNode Alternatives for Windows. MindNode is not available for Windows but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Windows with similar functionality. The best Windows alternative is FreeMind, which is both free and Open Source. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to MindNode and many of them are.
  • MindNode – Mind Map & Outline Download and Install for your computer - on Windows PC 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 and Macintosh macOS 10 X, Mac 11 and above, 32/64-bit processor, we have you covered.


The Brain

Use brain mapping software, free download “The Brain” and conceptualize all the ideas as well as information. The free mind mapping tool has the capability of handling information from multiple sources. You can control everything with it and get desired results. The software is easy to use and is fast and accurate and it works on all platforms.


XMind is the brain mapping software that works with office as well as PDF, RTF, and HTML. It also works with multiple image formats. The free mind mapping tool is open source and you can customize it according to your need. It is an effective tool to address issues like information overloading and idea shortages.



MindMaple is the brain mapping software that can increase productivity and creativity. The software organizes ideas visually creating the corresponding mind map. The tool is ideal for management of projects, brainstorming, as well as task scheduling and it is platform independent working with all leading operating systems.

Other Platforms

Each of the brain mapping software discussed above is platform independent. They can work with any or all of the leading operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac as well as with popular mobile operating systems like Android and iOS etc. However there are also specific operating system software like best mind map for windows as well as mind map software Mac.

TheBrain for Android

TheBrain is free mind mapping tool that is designed specifically for Android users and mobile devices. The software has the capability of creating visual presentations of ideas and concepts you have and handle multiple sources and can give concrete shape to the concepts and ideas.

Mindnode Free Download

M8! – Mind Map for Windows

M8!- Mind Map is brain mapping software that is designed for Windows operating system and is easy to use. It can be use for conceptualizing ideas, taking notes, for studies and multiple other task accomplishments. It has earned the Swiss App Award for generating best mind map for Windows.

SimpleMind Free for Mac

SimpleMind Free is specifically designed for Mac operating system. This brain mapping software helps organizing thoughts, concepts, and ideas giving them visual shapes. The Mind Mapping Software is interactive and one of the most innovative tools for brain mapping available in the industry. You can use this brain mapping software, free download as a trial before going for the regular version.

Most Popular Brain Mapping Software – MindNode

MindNode is most popular brain mapping software because it renders mind mapping easy and convenient. It is like developing a tree from root through the branches and fruit. You can carry out brainstorms and can organize thoughts effectively using the tool. This software has been ranked as “App Store Best”.

Mindnode Free Download

How to Install Brain Mapping Software?

Mindnode Free Download Windows 10

Decide on the type of brain mapping software you desire to install. It could be platform independent or operating system specific software like mind map software Mac or for Windows. You have to check system compatibility before downloading. Free downloads do not require any preparatory steps but if the licensed software is to be downloaded you need to provide some minor information to the provider. Rest of the downloading processes is the same in both cases and it is just using the wizard or download manager and following the instructions.

Brain mapping or mind mapping is the process of transforming concepts into practical ideas. Manually performing the task could not only be daunting but also can result in errors. Quality brain mapping software can address these issues by automating the process. To find the best paid or free mind mapping tool comparing various tools is necessary through their reviews.

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