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A downloadable game for Windows

Here's the link:P also my discord server https://discord.gg/mqXmYp.

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✦ ------- AVOID ALL PINK OBJECTS WHEN OPACITY 100% ------- ✦

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Just shapes and beats free


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✦ Github Project ✦ https://github.com/UnityNinja/Shapes-Beats
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AuthorUnity Ninja
GenreRhythm, Action
Tagsbeats, browser, shape, shape--beats, shapes, song

Just Shapes And Beats Download


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Yes :) My friend Enzo inspired me to create this game based on jsab to teach other Unity devs how they can do it ( Just simple scripts ) :

well bois

buy jsab if u like this and also giv him som money

Noice, just abit slow.

it's okay best thing i got close to the game!

Just Shapes And Beats Free Download Mac

Hey Unity Ninja i have a 2 questions, why you dont make a main menu and fullscreen mode, please make that two things and your game will be 10x times better.

Hello, You are right :) BUT i afraid that i don't have time to make an update for it right now because i'm very busy :(

Hey Unity Ninja please help, can you please give me instructions how do I open your game please? 😁👌

Hey! Sure

Download game project from here : https://github.com/UnityNinja/Shapes-Beats

Create new unity project, then Assets > Import Package :) CHEERS :D

Can you add an app to the download so i can download it for mac? Because when i download on mac, it says that there is no application for the download.


Oops never mind i just realized it was for Windows, not mac. sorry!

I mean, you can just use wine. It probabaly work easily.

Can you add a feature that allows youto put your own music in the game please?


If you are game developer you can download the project from github. I used Manager Script to control when i display an object in specific time according to each music I add.


If you are not then i can say it's possible control in objects beating whatever the music it is but it's very hard make objects display according to any music in the right way.

Just Shapes And Beats Online

I should manage pink objects according to music manually.

Just make the custom music, but pink objects let moving how you make it for your song. :)

Just Shapes & Beats update out now (version 1.5.52)

Posted on October 3, 2020 by Brian(@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

There’s a new update for Just Shapes & Beats, Berzerk Studio’s chaotic co-op musical bullet-hell game. Highlights for version 1.5.52 include one handed controls, an improved photosensitive mode, and additional language support.

Below are the full patch notes:

– Added Spanish & Italian support
– Moved to Unity 2019.4
– Major change to rendering system, now using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline
– Windows and Mac builds now built using IL2CPP
– Added One-hand mode (Dash with triggers, move with both analog sticks)
– Vastly improved photosensitive mode
– New menu for reassigning controllers (Options > Controls > Reassign controllers)
– Added new popup to ask the player to activate photosensitive mode
– Major changes to management of async call in matchmaking code
– Changed Steamworks plugin to use Facepunch.Steamworks
– Now using Steam Rich Presence
– Implemented level loading syncing logic for online
– When controller gets disconnected while playing online, user has now 60 seconds to reconnect one (instead of getting kicked)
– Fixed online issues with joining players
– Fixed issue with the exit button on main menu when Party is selected
– Fixed issue with ‘New Game’ not unlocking after playing it in story mode
– Fixed issue with particles in ‘Final Boss’ hitting the players when too small
– Fixed issue with fade-to-black during the Party credits (ending of Story mode) not covering the texts
– Fixed issue with track previews sometimes stopping playing when moving fast during voting in Challenge mode
– Fixed issue with water waves accelerating when hitting it with the player multiple times

Just Shapes & Beats is out now on the Switch eShop.

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