Garmin Express Catalina

It appears that Garmin Express can not update itself. This issue is showing up with V6.20.0.0 and macOS 10.15.3

A ticket has been opened at Garmin, they are working on this.

Garmin Express Catalina

Garmin Express Catalina

  1. Catalina works with iMac and Macbook Pro. If you are having problems then it is in your setup somewhere. If you are still struggling, close all programs - use COMMAND+Q to make sure they are properly closed. Then re-open Garmin Express. If you are still having problems then you will likely need to make sure the cable or USB port is ok.
  2. Hi, Just purchased a Garmin 65. Tired to upload my POIs but can't get my computer to recongize my Garmin. Using Mac Catalina. Garmin Tech support says I can't have more than one Garmin app open at a time. When I open 'POI Uploader' Express opens also. I quite Express but my Garmin will still not show up on my computer. It looks correct on the.

However, given the symptoms of this issue, Mac users will most likely have to go to Garmin and get a new copy of GE until GE can update itself again.

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The Garmin Express software could tell it was a Montana 700i, but said it was not compatible. Express suggested downloading an ancient version of Garmin MapUpdate. That old version doesn’t run on MacOS Catalina. So, off I went Googling around. Garmin nuvi 2455 - nuvi 350, 260 (spares) - my other toys: IMac quad-core i3, Mac Mini, MacOS: Mojave 10.14.6/Catalina 10.15.7. And introducing The Beast, a 2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit and his Garmin DriveSmart 5. The dog's name is Ginger.

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So I went and opened GE to check if anything new was available for my devices and if a new version of GE was available. I noticed right away that GE was not indicating that GE was up to date, and I had to manually initiate an update check. That query resulted in a failure message. This all started around Friday, so I let it go as Garmin doing some sort of system/server maintenance. The issue is still here on Monday. I called Garmin and they confirmed the problem on one of their Macs. We checked to make sure that my Mac was set up correctly, and it is.

Garmin Express Catalina Software

GE was updated Jan 21, 2020 to V6.20.0.0, and macOS just a couple days later. This problem showed up after the macOS update.

How Do I Get Garmin Express On My Mac

I'll post here when the issue is resolved, or any updates.