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Access and control computers from a remote location in order to access files or offer support in real time without dealing with complex configurations

What's new in AnyDesk 6.3.2:

  • New features:
  • Send invitation e-mail
  • 'Toggle Toolbar' menu option
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AnyDesk aims to help you access any computer from a remote location without having to go through complicated setups.

The AnyDesk utility assigns an address the first time you launch the application, and you can configure any machine for unattended access by setting a password (make sure to use a strong one).

Create a network of computers that you want to access remotely

To start using the AnyDesk application, all you have to do is type the AnyDesk address in the top bar: depending on the settings on the remote computer, you must either wait until the connection is accepted on the other side, or provide the appropriate passkey for unattended access when prompted.

Download Anydesk For Mac 10.7.5

For your convenience, AnyDesk will remember all your previous connections, so you can go back with a simple mouse click. In addition, you can choose to be logged in automatically when dealing with the computers set for unattended access.

Note that even your own machine can be accessed by anyone that has the right credentials. You can manage your security settings via the app’s Preferences: you can allow interactive access only when the app is running, decide if remote users can control the keyboard and mouse, if they get access to the clipboard, and so on.

Offer assistance in real time without experiencing any latency

AnyDesk comes with a simple chat tool that allows users to communicate in real time, but also features optimization capabilities to avoid any lag.

Download Anydesk For Mac Os 10.8.5

Via the connection's Settings menu, you can choose to view the remote desktop at the original size or shrink the image. Moreover, AnyDesk can auto-adapt the resolution. Furthermore, AnyDesk can deliver a balanced audio and video quality, optimize the reaction time or detect the connection speed.

Via the AnyDesk app settings, you get to decide if you want to compromise between reaction time and quality, if you want the display optimized by default, and so on.

All these functions come together to provide the best experience possible even on slower internet connections, which means that you get to collaborate with other and provide support regardless of your location.


Easy to configure solution for accessing computers from a remote location

To sum up, AnyDesk manages to deliver remote control capabilities and bypass firewalls without making the user configure routers and other services.

AnyDesk generates an address that you get to share with anyone you want, and the user get to either validate the access in each case or define a strong passphrase for unattended access.

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  • Supports only 1 seat
  • Cannot be used for Commercial use
  • Only 1 connection at a time
  • PowerUser-Option, AnyDesk-Alias, Custom namespace, Session logging, REST interface, Admin features, Custom-Client, AnyDesk network appliance features are disabled
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AnyDesk 6.3.2

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