Create Macos Sierra Install Usb

  1. Create Macos Sierra Install Usb
  2. Create Macos Sierra Bootable Usb Installer On Windows 10 Without Transmac
  3. Create Macos High Sierra Usb Installer Using Windows

Did you try updating to macOS High Sierra? If you did, you might have found a small 19mb online installer named “Install macOS High” inside your /Applications folder. Now I hate the online installers, especially when the real files is around 5GB. If you have a slow internet connection, then it can be frustrating. And with this installer, you cannot create an offline bootable USB to install macOS High Sierra to install in other machines quickly. So this post is about “How to Download Full High Sierra Installer to Create Bootable USB?”.


  • 2 Clean Install macOS High Sierra using a Bootable USB

How to Download Full High Sierra Installer?

Create Macos Sierra Install Usb

You can quickly get the full 5GB macOS Sierra Installer. Just follow the steps given below. Here we will be using a third party application named High Sierra patcher application.

  • First click on this link and download the High Sierra patcher application.
  • The above link will give you a file named macOS High Sierra Patcher.dmg.
  • Simply open this file and you will see a new window.
  • Now again open the icon named macOS High Sierra Patcher inside the window.
  • It will again open the macOS High Sierra Patcher. Here just go to Tools->Download macOS High Sierra… as shown in the below image.

Sep 27, 2017 The simplest way to create a boot USB drive is to download DiskMaker X and use it to create your drive. Generally, the latest version supports only the latest version of macOS; if you want to install something older than macOS High Sierra, check the list of older versions and download one that’s compatible with your chosen operating system. Create Bootable USB Installer for macOS Sierra Using TransMac. To create bootable USB installer for Mac in order to Install macOS Sierra on Windows, Mac or on VirtualBox, you have to create bootable USB flash drive. Let’s get started that how to do it. First, you have to download TransMac software for Windows and install it on your. It seems Apple has dropped the macOS 10.12 Sierra link from that article which most likely means Apple is in the process of fixing the broken installer. However, you can try to download macOS 10.12 Sierra from the link on this page (but this installer may still be broken when it comes to making a bootable USB installer).

Download Full High Sierra Installer

  • It will ask you to select a location to save the macOS Sierra Installer. Select the location and it will start downloading. The file size is more than 5GB is it may take a long time depending on your internet speed.

Clean Install macOS High Sierra using a Bootable USB


Sometimes we need a clean installation of our operating system. But doing it the Apple’s way that is online can frustrate us like hell.
So what you can do is you can download a full installer, and then you can create a bootable USB.
We know how to get a full installer, and now you might be interested in knowing how to create a bootable USB right?

Creating a bootable USB is again very simple, just follow the below steps.

The Extremely Easy Way

We have a simple utility called Install Disk Creator. It is absolutely free and you can quickly create bootable USB by using it.

  • Get the Install Disk Creator.
  • Once you get the Install Disk Creator, just open it, and you will see the window as shown in the below image. Here you need to select the Installer file that we already downloaded. After choosing the Installer just click on Create Installer and it will do the task for you.
  • Make sure you use a USB Drive of size of atleast 12GB.

The Easy Way

  • Open terminal (command + space, write terminal and hit enter).
  • Now write the following command.
  • Don’t forget changing path to installer with your installer path that you downloaded and USB Volume Name with the name of the USB Drive that you are using.
Create macos sierra bootable usb installer

So I hope you got the answer that How to Download Full High Sierra Installer to Create Bootable USB? For any queries and questions just leave your comments. And also SHARE this post if you found it useful. Thank You 🙂


Apple has released macOS Sierra to Mac computers world wide this 20th September. If you haven’t upgraded your Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac or Mac mini to macOS Sierra, then its time to upgrade. Before that, you should read this article for properly Creating macOS Sierra Bootable USB Installer once you downloaded the operating system via Mac App Store. We also have a video tutorial ready to help you with the step by step macOS Sierra Bootable USB Creation process.

Just like last years Mac OS X El Capitan Bootable USB Installer process, you have to make sure that the backup of macOS Sierra is taken once download completed at Mac App Store. It is a very important step which you should remember before proceeding with the macOS Sierra Installation or Upgrade.

Also, if you have multiple mac computers or want to share the copy of this file with your friends then taking backup will be very useful.

If your Mac Slow? You can turbo charge the Speed of your Old mac to run like a New Mac computer with MacPaw’s Cleanmymac 3 software. Read about Cleanmymac 3 Review here.

Create macOS Sierra Bootable USB Installer

Once you downloaded macOS Sierra from Mac App Store, the Installation Wizard automatically launched and asks you permission to start the Installation process. Before going forward, you have to go to “/Applications/” Folder and locate the file named “Install macOS Sierra”. Copy and Save it to different directory or to a Secondary Hard Disk Drive, if you plan to do a clean installation. Remember, you have to copy and not move the file as we need “Install macOS Sierra” file to be at Applications folder for Creating Bootable USB Installer.

You can watch the following video about How to Create macOS Sierra Bootable USB Installer available at our Youtube Channel.

Step 1: Insert a Black pen drive and launch “Disk Utility” for formatting it with OS X Journaled file system type. As you can see in the above video tutorial, i have named the pen drive as “Untitled”.

Step 2: Now Launch “Terminal” and copy, paste the following code. It will prompt you for Root Password, which is your current mac account password. Enter the password and press enter to start the Formatting process once again.

sudo /Applications/Install macOS –volume /Volumes/UNTITLED –applicationpath /Applications/Install macOS –nointeraction

Step 3: Your macOS Sierra Bootable USB Installer is getting ready and it takes normally 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your Mac computers specification.

That is all. macOS Sierra Bootable Pen Drive will be ready in few minutes and you can use that for Clean Installation or Upgrade from OS X El Capitan to macOS Sierra.

Create Macos Sierra Bootable Usb Installer On Windows 10 Without Transmac

Congratulations! You have successfully created macOS Sierra Bootable USB Installer Disk. Thanks for reading and feel free to share this tutorial with your friends and followers at Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Have a wonderful day.

Create Macos High Sierra Usb Installer Using Windows

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