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Portal 2 ($9.99) Portal 2 may be the perfect game. It’s a puzzler at heart, but it injects those. The Best Free Real-Time Strategy Games app downloads for Mac: Blizzard Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Blizzard Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Patch Myt.


Games App Store Mac App Store If an app is on the Mac App Store, it is in one of the 21 categories that Apple has listed. You will see some apps that have premium content that can be unlocked with an in-app purchase, but Ive included them on the list because I feel that the free content is noteworthy. Update: Unfortunately due to recent disputes between Apple, Android, and Epic Games, Fortnite is no longer available on either the App Store (Apple/iOS) or Google Play (Android) store. Read our article on how to possibly continue playing Fortnite on mobile. Genre: 3rd person shooter Similar to games like: PUBG, Apex Legends, Realm Royale. There are dozens of fantastic Mac games for the Mac. We round up our 10 favourites.If you’re a Mac user then you’d already know that Apple’s computers aren’t. Toki Tori was one of the first games launched on the Mac App Store back in 2011 and it stands the test of time. The gameplay in Toki Tori is a blend of two genres. While it looks like a platform game, it’s a puzzle game by heart. Children will have to look and plan ahead carefully while using a variety of items, such as the Telewarp, Freeze-o.

Fantastical 2 is an extremely popular mobile app that a lot of people might already be familiar with. It’s also a Mac app now though and—though it’s far from free—it’s the best calendar.

Below you will find a list of mac games of various genres. Select from a range of fun arcades and puzzles, as well as hidden object adventure games for mac pro. Enjoy cool games for kids, such as Match 3 puzzles and family-friendly board games. Take advantage of free games mac download, and buy full version after a trial hour. Discover new free games for iMac every week and save up with daily deals and weekly game discounts. Subscribe to game newsletter and get top macbook pro games delivered to your email.

All Absolutist titles are available on Mac App Store. First of all it's the classic Bubble Shooter for Mac. Absolutist is also known for its Mysteriez hidden object game series, in which hidden numbers of letters are to be found. Most of games for macbook air are full versions only, but there is a number of free games for Apple Mac. For example, you may get a couple of our sport games on App Store free.

If you are not sure whether some title are compatible with your Mac OS X version, please, pay attention to the system requirements. They are specified on the product page and can ensure good performance of the best puzzle games on your computer.

My Jigsaw Adventures:
Roads of Life

Haunted Hotel:
Lost Time

Lost Amulets:
Four Guardians

Best Racing Games For Mac Free Download

Cherished Serpent

Best Site To Download Games For Mac Free

Meet new mythical creatures of the Chimeras series

Angela New York to LA


Fatal Mistake

Free Online Games For Mac To Download

Cyborg uprising has started! You are the one to save humanity!

Solitaire Dragon Light

Travel across 5 magical worlds on the dragon back.

Legendary Mosaics 2:
The Stolen Freedom

Best Place To Download Free Games For Mac

Solve colorful griddlers and prevent a legendary statue stolen

Mystika 4:
Dark Omens

Best Free Online Games For Mac No Download

Kingdom Builders:

Help a princess build a new home for her people.

Cooking Stars

Best free games on mac app store

Best Games For Mac

Jewel Match Solitaire 2

Those who love word games should consider themselves lucky. As Mac offers a variety of games on this genre. There is a wide selection of word games to play at different types of parties etc. The Mac App Store is the easiest, yet most convenient way to find and download word game apps for your Mac.

So, you can download these games so that you can play some of them offline as well. The application of these games is in better version than in a web browser. Below is the list of free word games for Mac for all of our word enthusiasts and they will love:


Word play on print media

It is originally from the United States by the team of Sol ebon LLC. Play with passion with your friends. It could be your friends at a sleepover or making new friends while playing! It includes a large wordlist which creates great diversity for free and unlimited play time.

In this game, at least two players take turns to spell words in order to capture the board. Therefore, the player with the most words to spell correctly will have the most points. The letterpress printing press records your points as a statistical representation or on leaderboards.

It also includes dictionaries to help you find the meaning of words so that it is not only a fun time, but also a learning aspect.

Crypto Quote 2.1

For all of our Mac user, this word game requires Mac OS x 10.6 or higher 64 bit. This is a very interesting word puzzle game and a very engaging game that requires puzzle solving skills as well as strong word game power. Mac makes this game easier to access because it facilitates with features that make it more convenient than playing on paper.

It is based on hundreds of carefully selected quotes with a simple and clean interface. This game has a help tool for getting a hint too. If you liked any of the puzzles you played, you can even print it out to have it with you. English teachers can use this print feature to bring puzzles into their classrooms.

Hangman Pro 4.0.2

Best Free Racing Games Mac App Store

To play this guessing game you must have Mac OS x 10.7 and above – 64 bit. It is a game similar to the classic hangman games you played as a child. You can choose a letter using the keyboard keys and drag and drop with the mouse.

You can play according to your favorite category, for example Shakespeare phrases, top actors, clothes, etc. It not only has emphasis on the word guessing system, but it also has interesting sound effects, graphics, cultural literacy and much more.

Anagrams 1.2

Anagrams is one of the most popular online word games. Mac also introduced this game which actually helps to find interesting anagrams of a given text. It is available on Mac Osx 10.10 higher – 64 bit.

This anagram generator is user-friendly, free, and open source for various anagram platforms. It also supports languages ​​other than English, for example German, French, etc. Thus, increases the diversity of user demographics.

Best Free Fps Games On Mac App Store

Daily clutter

A most loved game not only in the United States but all over the world. This game also helps you overcome your vocabulary problems. The reason it is the most popular word game is that it comes with four new word puzzles per day, following a challenging cartoon puzzle. People love to solve and learn new words with this game.

Also, when people have difficulty solving confusing puzzles, they look for bulk responses to earn good points in record time. It helps them not only earn points but a healthy victory over their friends.

Best Free Games On Mac App Store

Best Free Games For Macbook Pro App Store

Word wow big city

Word wow big city for Mac is one of the most beloved word games because the evidence indicates that it has been downloaded over 5 million times. The game is all about a hungry worm who is ready for a word adventure trip.

You have to feed it letters that form a word in its own way. You have to make sure to go through the obstacles and go around the obstacles while collecting special swordsmen. It comes with 750 levels!

Word Connect Fun

Best Free Games On Mac App Store

This game consists of connecting the letters provided by placing them in a circular pattern. All you have to do is make words of different lengths from the given letters. Drag these letters to experience word creation.

It is a very simple game but very productive. You sit lazy on a couch, but if you play this game on your MacBook, it works wonders. It improves vocabulary, level of concentration and memory, spelling of words.


So what are you waiting for, the most anticipated list in front of you. Grab your MacBook, head over to the Mac App Store and download your favorite word game from the list above and enjoy! We really hope the list gets the most out of your pun routine. Happy game word nerd!

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